Loans Guide
Taobao official website there are two kinds of loans, a loan is order, the other is credit. No matter if you want to apply for a loan or want to apply for the order of credit, first you have to satisfy your Taobao sellers. Small series separately below tell us about order loans and lines of credit loan? What are the conditions? Loan is a mortgage loan
Taobao order, order buyers, sellers shipped payments as collateral for loans. Due to product sellers, how many more days to get buyers paid, on capital flows unchanged, Taobao order loans of funds is a very convenient solution. Apply for Taobao order loans
to succeed, you need to meet the following conditions:
1) shop registered person under 18 years of age, have full civil capacity of a Taobao seller;
2) Taobao shop continued to operate effectively the last 2 months, each month has a valid volume;
3) honest, store credit history was good.
1) fill out loan information: in this step, you can choose according to your needs whether you need auto loan, personal information when completing all move on to the next step.
a. uncheck "auto loan": only this one.
b. check "auto loan": that is, you choose then the system automatically apply for a loan. Over the next 60 days, each day will help you to apply for a loan (is subject to system audit results the same day).
2) confirm the loan: in this step, you can refer to the maximum loan amount is displayed on the page, enter the actual amount of funds needed; after you confirm the loan contract and enter your PayPal password, after Taobao approved the funds will normally be given within 3 minutes of payment into your PayPal account.
small talk next Taobao. Credit without collateral, without collateral, pure merchant credit access to credit. Owners do not need to provide any arriving (MS) charge. Owners credit for credit assessment, not Taobao trading credit Star Diamond rating.
credit loan eligibility criteria are as follows:
1) Taobao recently 6 months continued to operate effectively, each month has a valid volume, operating in good condition;
2) honesty shop good credit records;
3) shops registered persons aged 18-65 years of age, with full civil capacity.
credit loan of application process is:
into I is sellers-shop management-Taobao loan, points this credit loan into, into loan page, click application loan button:
1) fill in personal information information: first times application Shi need will all information fill in completed, personal information page has automatically save function, again Shen loan Shi without again fill in;
2) fill in application loan lines and using term;
3) determine loan.