Surge in loan companies has led to disputes in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, small loan companies appear to some extent relieve the small and medium enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, market demand for loans but, due to the micro-credit companies manage the impact of the chaos and the pursuit of profit, it is known to cause a surge in disputes.
    for current small Hangzhou loan company disputes surge, this city in the hospital research people think small loan company of profit method more for charged loan interest, and current due to funds surface partial tight borrowing people of borrowing needs on compared big, this let market in the of small loan company occupy has advantage, in borrowing contract in the agreed of interest rate also basic reached has statutory of highest limited, in many late penalty card in the interest rate on over has earlier financial institutions loan interest rate of four times times Then because of competition in the market of small loan companies, small loan company lending procedures have also become relatively simple, for loan and guarantee credit and solvency without critical review of lending, led directly to the fraud and debt collector from happening.
    addition small Hangzhou loan company related Insider also revealed, some when small loan company for verified borrowing people of authenticity, effective to prevent fake take and impersonator misappropriated loan, situation of occurred, although surface signed system has can into many financial borrowing field of specification practices, but this city in the Hospital of related staff said, small loan company often in carried out related business of when often will ignored this system, then also on directly led to has losing of bitter formed.