Small business loan for Bank of Hangzhou have less mortgage financing

Reporter in Hangzhou Bank loan market understand to, many small enterprise in handle loan in the are has mortgage less financing difficult of problem; handle loan of song Miss lamented to, Qian paragraph time she took with license to all financial institutions for advisory, but many of financial institutions are told she cannot handle related mortgage loan, just only take credit loan of way for handle, and using credit loan words highest lines just also only loan 20,000 yuan, and also need number a guarantor; Song Xiaojie then introduced said, When she bought the House, led by paying, is a mortgage cannot be lent to friends around me, so will not be able to handle the business.
    on this reporter for handle Hangzhou Bank loan business and interview has this city several small enterprise of head, these head also are said in venture early almost took not to loan of; engaged in decoration material processing of Lee Mr told reporter, due to now industry credit situation serious let many small enterprise often suffered funds difficult of situation, to can widened company of industry chain, he had to and business up has tiles business wants to dispersed some business risk, But really hard to select only company funds to their relatives and friends, after all, banks need collateral or guarantee more trouble.
    Hangzhou Bank loan market in most of the small and micro business owners also said that due to lack of sound financial data to bank loans, coupled with no collateral, banks also tend to control risk, private loans in the market or individual businesses and the main financing way of small business owners.