Hangzhou loans average interest rate of the loan company for small and micro enterprises are around 10%

Loan company insider, Hangzhou economic growth downward pressure, structural adjustment in climbing and operational difficulties of enterprises has increased in the case, some enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises in the market for financing costs decreased the carrying capacity, only solve the problems of high cost of financing of these enterprises in order to steady growth and employment is of great significance.
    second Hangzhou loan company on market small micro-enterprise of loan seems to and benchmark interest rate increasingly no too big relationship, a home joint-stock financial institutions of related head told reporter, now financial institutions General of abandoned has yiqian of extensive type interest rate pricing way, implementation out risk pricing mechanism is will according to enterprise of funding letter, and mortgage and guarantees situation give different interest rate, its years loan of interest rate in 8% around; but a bit small enterprise main said, In the market of financial institutions actually only for six months of acceptance of the borrower, borrowers to financial institutions applying for discount including discount rate three points, its compound annual rate still would be more than 10%.
    experts say, financing small and micro businesses are mostly not from financial institutions, which is lending from private lending and secondary funds; main interest rate from the current index, micro-loan company in November of this year at 18%, and in December, it would rise to 19%, the average lending rate is around 10%.


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