Current slow developments in micro-loan company in Hangzhou

  A small loan company official told reporters in Hangzhou, small loan companies operating difficulties at this stage, in view of this situation, related departments, the specialized opened a special micro-credit financial industry innovation Roundtable for development cooperation.
    meeting Qian 20 minutes from this city all small Hangzhou loan company of head are are accounted for full has Conference of first row weizhi, in Conference first row opposite arrangements has this city small loan industry association of related head, and this city SMEs create voted Fund and this city social Academy of Sciences, experts are; this city small loan industry Association Secretary Zhang told reporter, now are every national credit policy of tightening, market Shang many civil financial are in development of bottleneck period, Plus a small loan company business also suffered from structural effects in the near future, let the overall development trend is a slow period; this time, called everyone's purpose is to communicate through thoughts to effectively broaden the sources of micro-credit project.
    addition small Hangzhou loan company a head also said, at this stage this city has small loan company more than 70 more than, due to by now market environment of effect, on General of encountered has financing difficult, and urged paragraph difficulty increased and many technical operation problem; and this city small loan Association of related experts for these antibody out has 4 a aspects problem, that: 1, and at this stage small loan company how for good of regulatory? 2, microfinance companies how to effectively improve the industry image, remove the original loan shark fame? 3, how to ice a microfinance company, design some exclusive profit model? 4, how to build and integrate regional medium and small micro-financial service platform? It is 4 without solving the problem, resulting in the current development of a microfinance company is slowing.