CITIC Bank personal loans Department implement a business deployment late Sprint

  Recently reporters learned from the CITIC Bank personal loan sector, in order to effectively implement the credit business development deployment, China CITIC Bank mobilized all staff to seize the opportunity to ensure quality, better complete the Sprint personal loans at the end of its mandate fully.
    reporter further understand to CITIC Bank personal loan sector for this year end of personal loan business, requirements can full awareness personal loan business development of importance, take Rob caught opportunities see effectiveness of method, to reduced personal loan risk guarantee business expand continued keep profit sex, will the items business development can its good of support role; while the branch also are clear has the business of oriented, And flow on the use of market interest rate policy with greater competitiveness in the industry, to strengthen the sense of opportunity to accelerate business development, comprehensive collection of bad loans, into work, improving quality and promoting development.
    addition CITIC Bank personal loan sector Manager also told reporter, at this stage national economic are in down cycle in the, its bad loan are in high sent situation Xia, so the branch in related financial strategy Shang are to has himself of select, moments are need can concern loan of risk, in development business of while also need can moments keep awake of people, through full clear received and prosecution, means to do stock loan of pressure drop work, And enhanced sensitivity to prevent fission of the loan to ensure that the sustained and healthy development of the individual loans.