Bank personal loan service rapid economic development of the individual

This year yilai the line are put ABC personal loan business as promoted full line retail business development of heavy in the of again caught, in side grasp personal housing mortgage loan and farmers small loan, General personal loan business of while, also will side highlight vigorously advance personal help industry loan of put and also made has effectiveness; according to related of data displayed, as to this year October late the line personal help industry loan balance reached has more than 35 million Yuan, and last year earlier compared words, its incremental accounted for than reached has 13%, Not only can become a new bright spot in the Bank loan market, but also for the self-employed and self-employed in the local development of unprecedented vitality.
    followed in respect of Bank personal loan business, the Bank also implemented a multidisciplinary and diverse marketing, through the establishment of steady improvement and good speed in marketing strategy, strengthen the credit market competitiveness and credibility of the brand, by focusing on increased personal loans personal loans business marketing efforts to ensure that areas of real time ; Current personal loan issued by the Bank has been involved in accommodation and daily necessities, such as fields became a real source in the economic development of individual motivation and booster.
    Bank personal loans business, he has also created a specialized operation and management platform, set up a professional team on the whole line and dedicated account managers, effectively forming a solid marketing, professional operation and business process management model.