About Us

super thaw credit financial services company after 4 years of development, through the hard work of all staff, and have achieved a certain success. Zhejiang financial currently has fixed more than more than 100 customers, stable banking customers 16, agent for a long time more than 20 companies, established a number of sophisticated channel. Through cooperation between banks and enterprises, advertising has established a good reputation in the profession, from development to maintenance of customer and Zhejiang melting accumulated a lot of valuable experience, has laid a solid foundation for future development.

Zhejiang thaw is committed to for loan enterprise and personal provides full of loan Advisory and the loan service, including Hangzhou personal no guarantees small loan, and Hangzhou personal no mortgage small loan, and Hangzhou personal small guarantees loan, and Hangzhou personal small loan, and Hangzhou personal no mortgage guarantees loan, and Hangzhou personal no mortgage consumption loan, and Hangzhou personal no mortgage loan, and Hangzhou personal no guarantees no mortgage loan, and Hangzhou personal no guarantees loan, and Hangzhou no guarantees personal loan, and Hangzhou from guarantees personal loan, and through professional of, and Personalized, one-on-one consulting services, create enterprise service platform for personal loans. We are guided by pragmatic integrity, strive for progress, the spirit of solidarity, and efforts toward their own goals, services to enterprises and individuals to explore the market and financing, investment in industrial projects, provide a complete, reliable and comprehensive, with "creative value" of plans and programmes. Zhejiang Rong's objectives are being achieved, has completed the construction of specialized model, is committed to the mortgage, investment and finance, assessment, technology projects, comprehensive services to all types of businesses and individuals in the investment and financial advisory practice. Have a professional real estate experts in the mortgage business and Loan Planner, uphold professionalism, integrity and hold of the fastest and most complete information, tips and direction, so that every customer can successfully obtain money to achieve sound financial management objectives.

  We are in the case of real estate loans, can provide a country-wide land mortgage advisory services real estate development company. The integrated finance business has a number of excellent quality, business experienced capital experts, experts in finance, financial experts, legal experts, asset management, regional economic experts, guarantee the good operating performance and credit reputation. On technology projects with a great number of SMEs growing expert, trademark experts, enterprise credit evaluation experts in technology experts, long-term cooperation and for enterprise brands and patents, intellectual property rights, science and technology projects to provide professional and reliable consulting services. In assessing the business and senior evaluation of long-term cooperation, asset valuation, land valuation, real estate appraisal, credit evaluation and assessment business provides comprehensive, authoritative and reliable consulting services.